Erica Allar Second in Winston-Salem Criterium

Breakaways decide Men’s and Women’s Podiums in North Carolina.

4 years ago by Sam Wiebe

It was a strong start for Rally Cycling at the Winston-Salem Cycling Classic. In the women’s race, Erica Allar infiltrated an early breakaway that stayed away for the remainder of the day. In the sprint for the line, she finished second. The men’s race was also determined by an early breakaway that featured Shane Kline. After several attacks in the closing laps. Kline came across the line in sixth.

“We covered a lot of early moves, and I eventually found myself in a move with about eight riders,” said Allar. “All the leading teams were represented, and we gained a substantial gap quite quickly. However, due to people not pulling or opting out of contributing to the breakaway effort, we nearly got caught with 1.5 laps to go. Coming into the final lap, a massive effort by Stephanie Roorda (Twenty20) and Claire Rose (DNA) helped keep us away by only five or six seconds. I covered both moves which was the right thing to do, but taxed me for the sprint.”