Emerson Oronte


5’ 9''


143 lbs



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Cohasset, MA


Louisville, CO

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Be persistent. Success is sometimes a matter of hanging on longer than everyone else.

Emerson Oronte got involved in cycling at the age of nine when his dad started getting back into the sport after a decade long hiatus. At the age of fifteen he started racing and in 2009 he moved to the Front Range to attend the University of Colorado Boulder where he graduated with an operations degree in December of 2012. Oronte has developed into one of the best all around riders in the peloton and will play important role in supporting the team’s general classification riders.

What inspired you to ride?

Watching VHS tapes of the 1999 Tour de France got me immediately hooked on the sport.

Racing obstacle you overcame?

Not having the confidence to know I was a strong rider was something that actually held me back quite a bit. It’s only been in the last few years that I’ve been able to get rid of those doubts.

Favorite cheat meal?

Cinnamon buns or donuts.

Favorite healthy meal or snack?

A fairly common dessert of mine is Greek yogurt and frozen fruit with a bit of cinnamon and honey. It takes two seconds to make and is a nice way to finish off dinner.

Tip for staying healthy?

Being healthy is a lifestyle and not a trend that lasts a few days or weeks. Find a diet and exercise routine that works with your life and do your best to incorporate it day-in, day-out.

What motivates you to ride?

Over the years this answer has changed a lot but currently I’m motivated by competition and wanting to make the most of the opportunities I have in this sport.


US Amateur National Championships Road Race


San Dimas Stage Race: Overall


San Dimas Stage Race: Stage 1


Joe Martin Stage Race: Overall


Redlands Classic: Stage 3


Joe Martin Stage Race: Prologue


Tour of the Gila: Stage 5


Redlands Classic: Overall


Tour of the Gila: Overall


Tour de Beauce: Stage 2


Tour of the Gila: Stage 1


Joe Martin Stage Race: Overall


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