Joey Rosskopf

Take it easy.

6' 1"
Pro since
Girona, Spain
Decatur, GA
What inspired you to ride?
Wanting to win the sprint zones on the Atlanta group rides, like my dad could do.
Racing obstacle you overcame?
Many many climbs.
Favorite cheat meal?
Gas station food.
Favorite healthy meal or snack?
An apple with peanut butter.
Tip for staying healthy?
"Use your best judgement" and "everything in moderation." These childhood tips from my mom still ring in my ears.
What motivates you to ride?
I love long training rides for the opportunity to find myself on roads I would never have a reason to drive down, to explore different regions and geography, to catch a glimpse of other people's lifestyles, and to simply have the sensation of traveling far from home under my own power, on a bike.

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