Katie Clouse

Always listen to your body. As professional athletes, our job is to push our bodies harder and harder each day but sometimes you need to know when it’s not that kind of day.

5' 2"
Pro since
Grand Junction, CO
Park City Utah
What inspired you to ride?
My family. We were a very athletic family and did every kind of sport. We had done some mountain bike racing but once we tried road racing I was hooked. I started training with my brother and racing adult crits with grown men and realized how much fun it was and how I wanted to do this professionally.
Racing obstacle you overcame?
Burn out. When I was younger in high school I realized I had put all my time into one thing and I never had time to just focus on myself. I learned how to balance my training and focus on my happiness as well.
Favorite cheat meal?
Favorite healthy meal or snack?
Rice and eggs with brown sugar and soy sauce.
Tip for staying healthy?
I try and stay away from going out to eat a lot. I like to know what I am eating so usually I will go to the store and cook myself. I like to use the feed zone cookbook to make recipes. They have a lot of healthy options.
What motivates you to ride?
My love and competitiveness for riding and racing my bike. Sometimes when I’m not feeling up for a proper training day I tell myself to get out at least for a little bit and think of it as clearing my head instead of training. I always realize how much I love it and keep riding.