Kyle Murphy

Take the long way home. Take the bike out on a Saturday, and see how far you can go.

Pro since
Recovery rides, fetching water
Palo Alto, CA
Townshend, VT
About Kyle
What inspired you to ride?
It was faster than the school bus. I got a real kick out of the independence a bicycle provides.
Racing obstacle you overcame?
How to operate as 'tired kyle'. I am still learning how to be productive, cheerful, and useful when I feel like I've been hit with a sack of bricks.
Favorite cheat meal?
Homemade french toast made with 1/2 & 1/2, fried in butter and olive oil, finished with butter and home made maple syrup, with lots of bacon.
Favorite healthy meal or snack?
Homemade yogurt with homemade maple syrup and peanut butter.
Tip for staying healthy?
Eat well, sleep well.
What motivates you to ride?
I would hate to squander the incredible opportunity I have been given in this sport, that is what motivates me to train. Riding, on the other hand, is its own reward.