Lily Williams

"Have less. Living in a materialistic world causes so much unnecessary stress - the perceived need for money and things that don't ultimately serve a sustainably happy life. Getting on the bike helps me remember what I value."

5' 7"
Pro since
Short climbs, long sprints, leadouts, and rain
Asheville, NC
Tallahassee, FL
What inspired you to ride?
My coworkers - past and present. When I started riding I was working at a bike shop in Chicago and they taught me everything I know about working on my bike and helped me get into commuting by bike, the local group rides, and cyclocross races. They did it just because it was fun and because they wanted to foster a positive community.
Racing obstacle you overcame?
I took myself out of some great potential results with crashes in 2019 and had a hard time mentally dealing with those mistakes and the feeling of guilt and regret that came with them. My teammates were ultimately the ones who helped me reframe my attitude and showed that the best part about racing is being on a team of caring people who work together and support each other.
Favorite cheat meal?
Kit Kats, biscuits (the American kind), and bubble tea.
Favorite healthy meal or snack?
I love crunchy jicama. I'm a sucker for most vegetables. I also love trail mix but I can't eat too much or else I get the nut gut.
Tip for staying healthy?
I try to listen to my body. Sometimes that means eating more than normal or getting extra sugar. Other times I want something super healthy. Sometimes that means resting when not planned and other times it means doing a bit extra. Everything equilibrates in the end and I feel like I'm at a very consistent place.
What is your #ReasonToRide?
I love to be outside, see new places, and meet new people. The bike is an empowering vehicle for movement and for transportation. There's not just one way to use a bike, and I want to demonstrate the happiness and utility that all sorts of different kinds of bikes can bring to people.

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