Sara Poidevin

It's easy to make excuses, especially in a race when you're suffering physically and mentally, but having positive thoughts and believing in yourself at those moments is especially rewarding.

5' 6”
Pro since
Calgary, AB
Canmore, AB
What inspired you to ride?
When I was a young kid, my mom and I rode to school every day. My dad also mountain bikes so I was involved in spring and summer camps with my local cycling club.
Racing obstacle you overcame?
Balancing school and training is always tough, especially taking classes full time. However, my full schedule keeps me focused and driven.
Favorite cheat meal?
I love cherry ice cream.
Favorite healthy meal or snack?
My favorite thing to make is a homemade granola bar. I've tried lots of delicious recipes over the years and eventually started making my own.
Tip for staying healthy?
I find it easiest to make healthy lifestyle choices when I am rested. This can be hard when I am busy with school or racing, but finding time to de-stress and relax makes it easier to stay sharp and make good choices for my health.
What motivates you to ride?
The community of ambitious and dedicated cyclists in Calgary and at the Cycling Centre, as well as my love of racing keeps me focused on my cycling goals.

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