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People are quick to under value your worth so you have to have confidence in what you are doing and continue to draw something positive about your experiences.

Tom Soladay grew up in Bethesda, Maryland, the last of six children. Being the youngest, Tom grew up chasing his siblings and in the process developed some speed in his legs. In college he saved money to purchase his first road bike. He competed in marathons and long distance triathlons before that, but shifted his focus entirely to racing on the road in 2007. Soladay is now one of the most experienced and respected riders in the peloton.

What inspired you to ride?

As a kid bikes gave me the freedom to explore.

Racing obstacle you overcame?

Two years into my pro career I had to sit out an entire season with chronic fatigue syndrome. It was very difficult coming back with all of the strength I had lost.

Favorite cheat meal?

My favorite is spicy Italian sausage sautéed until crispy and thrown into an arrabbiata tomato sauce and al dente pasta. The on the side, a loaf of hot bread with salted butter.

Favorite healthy meal or snack?

Use a rice cooker for oatmeal and set the delay timer on all of your ingredients. It saves a lot of morning prep work and you get to sleep in a few extra minutes!

Tip for staying healthy?

Shop often and plan. It's easy to fall into bad eating habits when you are unprepared.

What motivates you to ride?

I really enjoy the process of starting from scratch every winter, employing new training techniques and chasing top form.


Le Tour de Bretagne Cycliste: Stage 7


Nispen Criterium


International Cycling Classic: Stage 9


International Cycling Classic: Stage 16


Beaufort Memorial Cycling Classic


Nature Valley Grand Prix: Stage 2


Fitchburg Longsjo Classic: Stage 4


Gp Briek Schotte A Desselgem Pro Kermesse


White Spot Road Race


Us Air Force Cycling Classic


Kernen Omloop Echt-Susteren


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